Caries is the most common “disease” of the tooth. They occur as a result of a bacterial attack on the tooth substance. Treatment of caries includes anesthesia, cleaning and disinfection of the cavity and aesthetic restoration of the tooth with composite fillings or ceramic inlays.

In our practice we use high quality composite with a high degree of biocompatibility and the ability to perfectly reproduce the natural aesthetics of the tooth.

Ceramic inlays represent the high-end recommendation for us and our patients for the aesthetic restoration of teeth affected by caries.

In this case, too, we use a digitized protocol for the comfort of our patients in order to significantly reduce the workload, from the intraoral scan to the manufacturing of the inlay in the practice with the help of CAD/CAM technology. In this way, we offer you an extremely aesthetic solution in only one session that is color-stable, very resistant to chewing forces, perfectly adapted to the tooth contour and, last but not least, biocompatible. This ceramic, digitally created solution for the treatment of dental caries will fully convince and satisfy you.

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