Many patients turn to the dental office because they are dissatisfied with the color of their own teeth. Either because of personal aesthetic requirements or because of social position or because of a job with special requirements in terms of appearance, professional teeth whitening is recommended for these patients. Any teeth whitening must necessarily be preceded by prophylactic treatment. Bleaching can be done in one treatment in the practice or at home with a treatment duration of up to 12 days. In this second variant, we use tailor-made bleaching splints, which are precisely manufactured in our practice using a digital scan of the dental arches and a 3D printing process. In our practice, we work with the Philips Zoom system, regardless of the bleaching method chosen.

For 25 years on the German and international market, with countless studies in this field and extensive experience, Philips Zoom is, from our point of view, the first choice for teeth whitening. Philips Zoom has developed a gentle procedure for professional teeth whitening, which allows you to brighten your smile by up to 8 shades of white in less than an hour. When used professionally, we achieve excellent results with little to no sensitivity problems.


These are made of thin ceramic and are built up like a shell that is glued to the surface of the tooth. They are very resistant to bite and mastication forces, while providing excellent aesthetics. The veneers require minimal grinding of the tooth on a single surface, while the tooth remains vital. In our practice, in most cases we replace the unpleasant classic impression methods with digital intraoral scanning methods. These are extremely quick and convenient for the patient and offer the doctor and dental technician unmatched precision for further treatment. Thanks to the completely digitized work processes, all imaging devices as well as the CAD-CAM designs of the milling and printing solutions are integrated with the help of a software platform that offers us countless possibilities for clinical analysis in order to achieve a perfect smile.

Veneers can aesthetically correct the color, shape and position of the teeth as well as small defects such as broken corners and tooth edges. We also offer the non-prep veneers variant. This is the aesthetic correction variant in which the tooth is not ground at all, but only the veneers are cemented onto the tooth surface, which aesthetically change the smile due to their shape, color and size, depending on the patient's wishes. In order to choose an aesthetic correction option that makes sense and suits you, we are waiting for you in our practice for professional advice.

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