Many patients do not come to the dentist at all or very late out of fear, making treatments more complicated and lengthy. Anxiety is caused by childhood trauma at the dentist, uncomfortable experiences in the dental practice as an adult, or simply by developing a dental phobia.

All of this leads to the avoidance of visits to a dental practice or a dentist appointment only in emergencies, when in acute pain. Obviously, with this approach, any existing ailments will worsen and require multiple sessions, more complex processes and higher costs to treat.

In our practice, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere awaits you at the reception, which also continues in our treatment rooms.

Here, the specialized medical staff will give you the time and patience necessary to understand and overcome your fear and resolve your problems as quickly and comfortably as possible. We offer our anxious patients the possibility of calming down with laughing gas. A method that relaxes even the most anxious patient and can be considered in a wide variety of treatments.

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