The dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of perfectly biocompatible materials, titanium or zirconium. It is an innovative and the most aesthetic solution to support restorations in the absence of one or more teeth. The jawbone, into which the implant is screwed, osteointegrates the dental implant as a natural tooth.

Depending on the prosthetic solution selected, individual dental crowns, cemented or screw-retained bridges, particularly aesthetic and stable prostheses, can be built on implants according to the patient's aesthetic wishes.

In our practice you will receive specialized advice in this field. All steps before an implantation operation are discussed in detail and presented in a software for implantology.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, we have the opportunity to combine and carry out all preoperative preparations, from the implementation and analysis of the radiological 3D image, the digital 3D scan, the creation of a surgical drilling template in the CAD/CAM process, up to the digital planning and simulation of the surgical intervention in one process.

All of these preparations are based on special software and have been specially developed to simplify every implantation operation and make it a minimally invasive experience.

The complete implant workflow module offers all the necessary tools for completely digital implantology - from planning to image-guided surgery. Patient comfort and safety, postoperative prognosis and implantation success rate are significantly increased with this innovative technology.

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