Endodontics is a division in the field of dentistry that deals with root canal treatment. Any acute inflammation or tooth infection requires endodontic treatment and is an absolute indication for teeth with deep caries and acute symptoms in order to keep the tooth on the dental arch. We make this treatment comfortable and stress-free for the patient due to the following working methods:
  • Digitally assisted treatment and use of modern devices for measuring the length of the root canals, for a very safe and accurate treatment.
  • Working with disposable rotating instruments which, under torque control, guarantee not only perfect hygiene but also the minimization of risks during the treatment. For our patients, treatment will be faster and less traumatizing.
  • Working with magnifying glasses / microscopes, which allow a very good visualization of the root canals and thus make the treatment very safe.
  • Use of the coffer-dam system, which ensures perfect isolation of the operating field. In this way, during treatment, saliva does not come into contact with the cleaned and disinfected canals.
  • Canal obturation using modern techniques, liquid gutta-percha, which perfectly fills not only the main channel to the top, but also the smallest secondary channels and seals against bacteria. This is an essential condition to avoid relapses.
The computer-aided treatment with special endodontic software enables us to track and monitor the entire treatment protocol and save it in the file of each patient. The follow-up x-ray after each endodontic treatment is mandatory.

Thanks to the most modern radiological equipment with the absolute guarantee of minimum irradiation, you can consider this X-ray as normal and absolutely risk-free.
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