For your health, for a good appearance of teeth and gums, for the health and vitality of the entire body, for a strong immune system, according to countless scientific studies, prophylaxis is an absolute recommendation for each of us. Thorough prophylaxis should be carried out at least once a year, but it is best to work out an individual prophylaxis plan in a consultation.

Prophylaxis is recommended for both adults and children. In the case of children, it is a treatment that is covered by health insurance until the age of 18. In essence, constant and periodic prophylaxis is a method of preventing the occurrence of tooth decay and / or periodontal disease, which can further lead to serious problems with tooth mobility and loss of teeth.

In young patients, a positive habit of taking care of the health of the teeth is shaped by the prophylactic sessions from a young age.

In our practice, we pay particular attention to prevention and that is why we offer expert advice. We train you in the improvement and correction of personal hygiene and determine the periodicity of the prophylaxis sessions individually.

We work with modern equipment that guarantees that you will consider prophylaxis, after just one treatment in our practice, as a relaxing procedure, practically as personal care. After that, you will return conscientiously and without stress due to the feeling of well-being, cleanliness, health and freshness.

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