We are also happy to offer dental treatments for children.

In our practice, we take a lot of time and patience for the little patient and, like in play, solve their dental problems without stress for children and parents. We strongly recommend the annual prophylaxis sessions for children, the costs of which are covered by health insurance up to the age of 18.

In this way, children get used to the dental practice, they are not afraid and they get used to regularly returning to prophylaxis as future adults, in order to take care of their health and the good appearance of their teeth.

During the prophylaxis sessions in our practice, we teach your children how to brush their teeth and have fun with the help of a special app designed for children.

Sealing milk teeth with special composites is another extremely effective way to prevent tooth decay in children. In our practice, this treatment is absolutely stress-free for both the children and the parents and does not require drilling or anesthesia.

For the less cooperative children, our practice offers a treatment variant with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). We are a certified practice for nitrous oxide treatment, we have specialized staff with experience in this field and we have the latest technical equipment for this type of treatment. In general, this sedation with nitrous oxide is very well accepted by the little ones.

In essence, nitrous oxide is a minimal sedation, which deeply relaxes the little patient and does not entail any risks. For all information, special advice, which is based on the medical history of each patient, we are waiting for you in our practice.

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